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National Blue Alert System


Operate, maintain & improve the National Blue Alert System that enables communication between law enforcement, transportation & news/social/wireless medias.

Work to bring support to the families of fallen officers. The unexpected loss of life & loss of everyday function puts a strain on these families. 

Work Nationally to bring Body Armor, Body Cameras, Squad Car Cameras & more to the law enforcement agencies that are not able to obtain this critical safety equipment.

Since we are a All Volunteer Non-Profit, we only need 20% of Donations for Expenses like, Office Space, Phones, Web Site and Marketing Materials. The other 80% Goes to Programs such as, Direct to Family support, Building or Re-Building Memorials, K9 Bulletproof Vests, Bite Suits for Training, Honor Chairs, Memorial Bracelets to Families of the Fallen.

Founded May 2008

We are Now in 36 States

Veteran Operated Non-Profit Organization Member - We are proud members of the Veteran Business Project. The Blue Alert Foundation was Founded and Operated by an 100% Service-Connected Disabled Veteran that served in the United States Army, Military Police (31B) and Communications Specialist (31Z) (SDVOSB). Join us in showing your support for our armed forces by proudly supporting the causes they believe in by this United States military veteran!
National Terrorism Advisory System (NTAS) check current status

Bulletproof Vests for K9s -
The primary objective would be to have a fund that is used to secure and donate K9 Bulletproof Vests & Training Equipment for K9 units in need of such protection.

K9, Jackie will be safe on duty with a Donated Ballistic Vest

The Bunnell Police Department's K9 Jackie, has been awarded a ballistic vest, donated by Tom Berry of the Blue Alert Foundation, who donated the Vest through an online t-shirt fundraiser. The fundraiser paid tribute to the 20 law enforcement dogs that lost their lives in the line of duty in 2014. The vest is embroidered with, “This vest is donated by the Blue Alert Foundation.”

One of The Blue Alert Foundation's mission is to provide these bullet and stab protective vests and other assistance to law enforcement dogs throughout the State of Florida. 

"As a Chief in a small municipality police department, where budgets are extremely tight, I am extremely grateful for the donation and want to thank the dedicated individuals in the non-profit organization that support our law enforcement professionals,” said Bunnell Police Chief Tom Foster.

The Blue Alert Foundation has ordered two more Bulletproof Vests for the Sanford, FL, Police Department's K9s, Edo and Aramis. The Vests Arrived at the Department and K9 Edo and K9 Aramis were presented with the Vests by Tom Berry, Founder of the Blue Alert Foundation.

We want to Donate More Vests, but need your Help. Please Click the Donate Button Above to Help us get More Vests to K9s that Need Them.

Comments from K9 Handlers

"It does cover all the vital organs and it has a little bit of protection on the front shoulders and under the belly," said Officer Bill Sombo.

The K-9s won’t wear the vests all the time because they might cause the dogs to overheat, but they will wear them anytime they go into a potentially dangerous situation.

"If we have the opportunity, the vest is going to be on my dog any time I roll into something. Unfortunately, if I'm patrolling and a guy robs a bank right in front of me and starts running,  the vest is going to be on my dog when this stuff is going on," said Bauer.

The dogs received the vests a week after Pittsburgh police K-9 Officer Rocco died after battling serious injuries from a severe stab wound he suffered while helping his handler and other officers arrest John Rush in Lawrenceville.

Rush, 21, faces charges of aggravated assault, burglary, possessing instruments of crime, disarming a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest. 

He is being held without bond in the Allegheny County Jail after Judge Jeffrey Manning deemed him to be a flight risk.

Help support our mission with a donation, of any amount. Unless otherwise indicated, all donations will be deposited into our general fund for the next K9 in line for a Vest.

If you know of an Agency that needs a Vest for an K9, Please let us know and we will get a Fundraiser going for that Agency. 

Just email us at:

Again, The Blue Alert Foundation is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit and your Donation is 100% Tax-Deductible as Deteremined by the I.R.S.



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The Blue Alert Foundation, Inc, is an 501(c) 3 - Tax Exempt Public Charity and your Donation is Tax-Deductible

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